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Man violently rapes his girlfriend because she smoked their last cigarette

By Mason White 3:28 PM April 6, 2017
Leopoldo Belen
Leopoldo Belen
By: Mason White

A man was found guilty of raping his girlfriend and doing so to punish her.

36-year-old Leopoldo Belen of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, has been convicted of repeatedly raping his girlfriend because he was angry that she smoked the last cigarette they had in the home.

A jury on Monday, convicted Belen of four counts of first-degree sexual assault for the attack.

Prosecutors said that Belen violently attacked the 21-year-old woman a few times before she was able to flee from the home.

The woman was naked and she did not have a chance to take her clothes. A neighbor testified in court that the victim came over wrapped in a bed sheet with no clothes on after the attack.

Belen faces many years in prison. However, Belen, who is a career criminal known as “Blah” or “Black,” is also awaiting trial for killing an elderly man.

In that case, Belen and his accomplice Joel G. Valdez, were accused of breaking into a home, and they were allegedly looking for drugs and money.

When they began beating the tenant of the home, who was identified as Jonathan Angilly, his landlord tried to come to his rescue.

However, the thugs shot and killed the homeowner, 78-year-old Delor M. “Dean” Cabral.

The accomplice, Valdez, 29, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Cabral’s death. Valde is facing up to life in prison. He will be sentenced after he cooperates with police and testifies against Belen, who denied all 13 charges against him.