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Flight attendants refused to allow 87-year-old woman use toilet causing her to wet her clothes

By Mason White 5:46 PM April 6, 2017
Kocharik Tsamouzia
Kocharik Tsamouzia
By: Emily Lewis

A grandmother of California, vowed never to fly to the United Kingdom again after British Airways flight attendants did not allow her to use the toilet during a 13-hour trip.

87-year-old Kocharik Tsamouzia of Los Angeles, was flying to London, in order to visit her daughter, 62-year-old Aida Behroozi.

When the British Airways flight was delayed at the airport before lift off for 90 minutes, Tsamouzia asked flight attendants to use the toilet.

However, she was told that nobody was allowed to leave their seats before lift off. She could not hold it in any longer, and she wet her clothes.

Tsamouzia was very embarrassed, and remained in her seat for the rest of her flight. When she arrived in London, Behroozi noticed that her mother was not excited to see her.

Behroozi asked her mother if anything was wrong, but she was too embarrassed to say anything. Eventually, she told her daughter what happened, and a complaint was filed with British Airways.

A spokesperson for British Airways apologized and offered the grandmother $50 in compensation.

Behroozi is furious by the response, saying that even $5,000 would not have been adequate compensation as her mother sat in urine drenched clothes for 13 hours.

Tsamouzia vowed never to fly to the United Kingdom again, and told her daughter that she would not have to visit her in Los Angeles.