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Man receives ticket for breaking law by eating pizza at bus stop

By Mason White 3:40 PM April 6, 2017
The ticket
The ticket
By: Emily Lewis

A man was surprised when police officers walked up to him at a bus stop and gave him a ticket for eating pizza.

The man of California, who is homeless, bought the pizza for him and his friend to celebrate her birthday.

He sat down to eat his slice of pizza at the bus stop at Market and Seventh streets in San Francisco. When officers spotted him, he was cited for “eating at a bus stop.”

The homeless man handed the ticket over to the homeless shelter as they will help take care of it.

Kelley Cutler, an organizer with the Coalition on Homelessness, who uploaded a photo of the ticket to Twitter, said that “this is a real waste of police services.”

There is a law that prohibits people from eating on public transit, but the rule is rarely enforced. Cutler said that she could not recall this law ever being enforced at a bus shelter.

Police refused to drop the charge, which may carry a $250 fine, but Cutler said that judges often dismiss tickets against homeless people.

A homeless outreach worker said that a few months ago, a
homeless man was cited for skateboarding on a sidewalk on Fulton Street at 3:00 a.m.

Grace Gatpandan, a spokesperson for the SFPD, explained that the officers gave the man a citation as a way of getting him to leave the area as they often receive complaints of people drinking and smoking at that bus stop and other crimes in the area.