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Man arrested after throwing donut and firing gun during road rage incident

By Mason White 3:46 PM April 6, 2017
Juan Rey Candelaria
Juan Rey Candelaria
By: Mason White

Police were called after two drivers in New Mexico, got into a fight, which turned violent.

The road rage incident, which occurred in Albuquerque, became heated before the suspect used a donut to assault the other driver.

47-year-old Juan Rey Candelaria told police that he was driving in the Southern Valley, when another car drove too close to him.

According to the criminal complaint, Candelaria became angry when the other driver targeted him. He hit the brakes and stopped his vehicle.

He and the other driver then got out of their vehicles, and began to argue.

Police said that in anger, Candelaria threw a donut at the other car. He then pulled out a gun and fired one round at the car.

When police were unable to locate the gun, Candelaria admitted that he discarded the weapon in a garbage can.

He is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon among other charges.