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Teen records himself punching donkey in the face and uploads video on Twitter

By Mason White 5:28 PM April 6, 2017
Lucas J. Dietrich
Lucas J. Dietrich
By: Tanya Clark

A cruel teen entered a farm, where he abused an animal by punching it in the face, according to police in Illinois.

The Collinsville Police Department said that they were notified by a resident of Edwardsville, of a video posted to Twitter, showing an act of animal cruelty.

The video was posted on the Twitter account “Lukie D @LucasJDietrich.”

An investigation was initiated at which time investigators located and viewed the video, which depicted an unknown individual punching a donkey on the side of its head.

The only thing visible in the video was the suspect’s arm and hand. The donkey appeared to have been inside a stable with a green metal fence.

Investigators met with a caretaker at the Willoughby Farm, located at 631 Willoughby Ln. in Collinsville, who identified the donkey, named Amore, as belonging to the Willoughby Farm.

Further investigation revealed that the Twitter account the video was posted on belonged to 18-year-old Lucas J. Dietrich of Collinsville.

Dietrich cooperated with investigators and the video was located on his phone. Dietrich, has been charged with cruel treatment of animals.

He was booked into the Madison County jail, and his bail has been set at $50,000.