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Woman threatens to falsely accuse Uber driver of rape in fight over phone charger

By Mason White 12:05 PM April 7, 2017
The driver and the passenger
The driver and the passenger
By: Tanya Clark

An Uber driver recorded a bizarre exchange between himself and his passenger who threatened to tell police she was raped.

The incident began when the woman of New York, called an Uber to take her home to the Bronx.

During the ride, her phone stopped working, and she wanted to charge it in the car.

However, the driver explained that he does not have an iPhone and therefore, he does not have a charger that she can use.

The woman became furious and she began lashing out at the driver. The driver ordered her to stop disrespecting him, which just aggravated her even more.

The man, who had been working for Uber for two years, pulled over near a train station and said that she should take a train as he will not continue their journey.

He ordered the woman to get out, but she refused. Instead, she had a complete meltdown.

She screamed at the driving saying, “I am going to tell my boyfriend that you hit me in the face.” When the two continued arguing, the woman threatened to have him locked up.

“I’m going to start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me,” she threatened.

Luckily, his phone camera was rolling. The driver laughed and said “that’s what females do.”

He the told the woman, “I am married, I am a faithful husband.”

At one point, the irritated woman told the driver: “go back to your country. Donald Trump is going to send you and your family back. Get the f*** out of my country.”

When the driver was finally willing to continue their journey, the woman threatened the driver that her boyfriend will be waiting for him when they get to her home.

The driver then pulled over again and refused to drive as he was not looking for trouble. The woman asked passersby to call police, but when nobody agreed, she eventually got out of the car.

MALI music uploaded the video of the altercation to YouTube with the caption “Rider goes crazy on N.Y.C. UBER driver.”