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Armed robbers dress in police uniforms and steal cash from security guards at government office

By Mason White 4:14 PM April 9, 2017
Police officer (illustration)
Police officer (illustration)
By: Mason White

A group of armed robbers dressed as police officers before raiding a government office, where they stole cash from security guards, according to police in Zimbabwe.

Bulawayo police said that they are looking for five men who beat up two security guards at the Luveve Housing Office, before fleeing with their cash and phones.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday around 5:00 a.m.

The two security guards, 31-year-old Caution Ncube and 61-year-old Elijah Khumalo, said that they were caught off guard as the five robbers were dressed in official police uniforms.

All five robbers were armed with guns. The robbers first kicked Ncube, and pointed a gun at him while ordering him to lie down on the ground.

They then tied his hands with shoelaces, and used television cables to tie up his legs. The robbers then searched his pockets, and took his cash and cell phone.

The robbers then went to another part of the building, where they found Khumalo. The suspects hit Khumalo with a stone, which caused a cut on his head.

In response, Khumalo pulled out his gun and fired at the robbers. They then fled from the scene. So far, no arrests have been made.