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Bird gets stuck to man’s neck while enjoying roller coaster

By Mason White 4:10 PM April 9, 2017
Bird crashes into man on roller coaster
Bird crashes into man on roller coaster
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man in Spain, who was enjoying himself on a roller coaster, freaked out after a bird became stuck on his neck, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The incident unfolded last week, at the Ferrari Land theme park in Tarragona.

The Red Force roller coaster is currently the fastest and tallest in Europe. The video shows the man sitting next to his friend and getting ready to enjoy the ride.

A few moments after the ride started moving, the bird crashed head on into the man’s neck. Due to the speed of the roller coaster, the bird got stuck on the man’s neck.

It took several seconds for the man to realize that a pigeon had crashed into him. It took great effort to pull the bird off of him.

After the bird was free, it flew away. The man became horrified upon learning that a bird was stuck on his neck. However, after a few seconds, he got into the mood again and enjoyed the ride.

The man suffered several cuts on his face, and his right side got covered in blood.

People pointed out that on fast roller coasters, it is better not to sit in the front row in order to avoid getting hit by flying objects.

The video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.