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Baby who was declared dead found to be alive while being prepared for cremation

By Mason White 9:41 AM April 10, 2017
The baby’s grandfather Mithas Rathore
The baby’s grandfather Mithas Rathore
By: Tanya Clark

A young woman and her husband of India, were distraught after she gave birth to a premature baby.

When the baby was born, she did not cry. Nurses who cared for the baby, told the mother that the child was not breathing and they declared the baby dead.

25-year-old Durgesh Rathore and her family, prepared to cremate their daughter, who was born premature at just 24 weeks of pregnancy and weighed only 12 ounces.

The baby’s grandfather, Mithas Rathore, said that they took the baby to be cremated.

When they removed the blanket to prepare her body for cremation, the family was shocked to discover that she was breathing.

The baby was rushed back to the hospital, where she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. Doctors have warned the family that the baby’s life is still in danger as she was born early in the pregnancy.

A doctor at the Pandit Brij Sundar Sharma General Hospital said that an investigation has been launched into the incident.