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Man records himself raping young girls while 1 cried ‘I want my mommy’

By Mason White 9:46 AM April 10, 2017
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A sick perverted man recorded himself abusing young girls.

Police confiscated the man’s electronic devices on which they found the sickening videos of the man abusing at least three children.

Police in Maryland, believe that there are more victims, and are now urging anyone who dated 31-year-old Kyle Thompson, to come forward.

Investigators believe that Thompson befriended mothers with young children to have access to them.

According to court records, two victims were 3 years old and one victim was 4 years old when they were sexually abused.

Thompson showed the graphic videos of the sexual abuse to a relative who called police.

Officers raided his home and took his electronic devices on which they found the disturbing videos, which were taken while Thompson babysat the children.

One video showed a toddler crying “I want my mommy,” to which Thompson replied: “Your mommy can’t save you!” According to police.

Another video showed a girl who had her arms tied with a belt. She cried while Thompson performed a sexual act.

Authorities alleged that Thompson abused at least one woman. Thompson, who has 15 registered guns, is accused of using the weapons in his abuse against the woman.

According to police, he placed the gun in her mouth to scare and intimidate her.

Thompson of Burtonsville, who has no prior criminal history, was charged with two counts of sex abuse of a minor, two counts of first-degree sex offense, and one count of third-degree sex offense.

Thompson is being held without bond. After his arrest, Thompson was fired from his $80,000 a year job as an HVAC technician.