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Priest smuggles gold bars through airport by wrapping them in Lindt Swiss chocolate bars packaging

By Mason White 12:32 PM April 10, 2017
Chocolate bar (illustration)
Chocolate bar (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A priest unsuccessfully tried to smuggle gold from Switzerland to India, by wrapping them with chocolate bar packaging, according to police in India.

Customs officials at the Cochin International Airport, said that they have detained the priest, 59-year-old Isaac Kizhakkeparambil, after being caught carrying gold bars disguised as chocolate bars in his luggage.

The priest of Lucerne, Switzerland, was visiting Kochi, India, as part of his vacation.

According to the police investigation, each gold bar weighed 100 grams, the same amount as a bar of chocolate.

Kizhakkeparambil used Lindt Swiss chocolate bars packaging to wrap the gold bars, and placed them in his suitcase. When he arrived at the airport in India, he acted in a suspicious manner while walking through the green channel.

He was stopped by customs agents and his luggage was searched. Agents then found the gold bars in the luggage among the priest’s items.

He was given a fine of 10% of the gold’s value, and was allowed to go without criminal charges. Police are still investigating whether the priest has any connection with gold smuggling groups.