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Drunk 45-year-old woman throws human feces at jail staff after assaulting her father at a restaurant

By Mason White 10:23 AM April 10, 2017
Joni Gist
Joni Gist
By: William Martin

A woman of Texas, who was angry over her arrest, assaulted jail staff with her feces.

Odessa police were called to a restaurant at lunchtime over reports that a woman was causing a disturbance.

Employees at Taco Villa on West County Road, told police that the woman was assaulting employees and spitting on them.

Witnesses told police that the woman also assaulted her 79-year-old father, who was with her at the restaurant.

Officers found 45-year-old Joni Gist, sitting on in front of the cash registers. Officers determined that she was intoxicated.

Gist was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication. While she was under arrest, Gist took out her anger on jail staff.

Authorities said that Gist “intentionally spit on the jail staff and threw human feces on them.” As a result, she faces an additional charge of harassing a public servant, which is a felony.

Gist is being held at the Ector County Detention Center, on $15,000 bond.