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Homeless man gets locked into CVS store and helps himself to soda and snacks

By Mason White 6:11 PM April 11, 2017
Grocery (illustration)
Grocery (illustration)
By: Mason White

People were outraged to hear that CVS called police on a homeless man who was accidentally locked into the store overnight.

Police in Michigan, said that they were called to the CVS store in Trenton, after security guards noticed a man inside the store in middle of the night.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, checked the gates and doors, and did not notice any forced entry.

They waited for the man to approach the electronic doors, and motioned for him to open them.

The man then came out of the store with his hands in the air.

The man told police that he is homeless and fell asleep on one of the chairs in the back of the store.

When he woke up, he noticed that the store was empty and the doors were locked.

The homeless man then walked through the aisles of the store, and helped himself to some food and drink because he was hungry.

He took a soda, chocolate milk and a snack.

He then stole a watch.

At first, CVS officials pressed charges against the homeless man, but when people criticized them for pursuing the case, they dropped the charges.