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Bank manager persuades hostage taker to free female customer and to take him at knifepoint instead

By Mason White 2:19 PM April 12, 2017
The hostage scene
The hostage scene
By: Mason White

A bank manager in China, was hailed a hero after he persuaded a hostage taker to free a female customer and take him at knifepoint instead.

The Agricultural Bank of China in Guangxi, released the graphic and scary video, showing the incident unfolding.

The video showed the suspect walking up behind a woman, who was sitting at the desk of a bank employee.

He placed a knife at the woman’s neck as he demanded the staff member hand over the 78,000 yuan (about $11,000), which the woman gave him.

It was 1:15 p.m., and there were many other people in the bank.

While someone elerted the security personnel over issue, one quick thinking employee persuaded the suspect to free the woman and take him hostage.

The suspect agreed, and the woman walked away safely.

As the bank manager walked over to sit down as a hostage on a chair, and the suspect placed the knife to his neck.

After a few tense moments, another bank employee managed to distract the suspect for a couple of seconds by handing him the money he demanded.

The bank manager, who was being held at knifepoint, then acted quickly and grabbed the suspect’s hand so he cannot use the knife.

At that point, a security guard jumped into action and threw the suspect to the ground. He was held down until police arrived and took him into custody.