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Woman’s cat steals bras and panties from neighbors’ clotheslines

By Mason White 4:58 PM April 12, 2017
Reginald steals black bra
Reginald steals black bra
By: Emily Lewis

A woman of the United Kingdom, has warned her neighbors that her mischievous cat might steal their underwear while they are hanging out to dry.

Liza Brickell of Folkestone, said that her 4-year-old cat Reginald, loves to wander around on Downs Road, where it looks for underwear.

When the weather is warm, Reginald hops into clotheslines and removes bras, panties and tights. The cat then brings the stolen goods home and places them near the playing area.

The cat sometimes hangs the bras and panties on trees. Last summer, Reginald stole more than 20 articles of clothes from its neighbors.

Now, Brickell notified her neighbors and urged them to contact her if they are missing underwear.

Brickell said that her cat keeps to Downs Road, so people who live on other streets do not need to worry about hanging their clothes out to dry.