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Man jumps to his death in court before trial for raping 10-year-old girl and killing her and her grandparents

By Mason White 1:33 PM April 12, 2017
Robert Seman Jr.
Robert Seman Jr.
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man who was accused of raping a girl, killed himself in front of horrified police officers.

48-year-old Robert Seman Jr. of Youngstown, Ohio, was accused of raping 10-year-old Corinne Gump, who lived with her grandparents.

When he was set to go to trial, Seman allegedly set the victim’s home on fire, killing the girl and her grandparents, Bill and Judy Schmidt.

Seman denied the allegations and maintained his innocence. He told the court that he was on house arrest at the time of the fire.

Before this incident, Judge Maureen Sweeney has declared a mistrial and dismissed the jury. In the ruling, Judge Sweeney cited “juror misconduct,” which she called “troubling.”

The judge said that the case will be transferred to another court so that Seman, who faced life in prison, can have a fair trial.

However, before the case could be transferred, Seman jumped from a fourth-floor balcony at the Mahoning Courthouse, and he died.

Shocking video of the incident shows Seman walking to court in civilian clothes with two police officers. According to prosecutors, he wore an ankle bracelet to stop him from running, but was otherwise unrestrained.

When he walked passed a balcony, Seman slowed down and jumped over the railing.