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Man walks into school and kills his wife of three months and her student

By Mason White 1:40 PM April 12, 2017
Cedric Anderson and Karen Elaine Smith
Cedric Anderson and Karen Elaine Smith
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A husband walked into a school in California, where he killed his wife, who was a teacher for special needs children.

The incident unfolded inside the North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.

Police said that 53-year-old Cedric Anderson, entered his wife’s classroom at 10:30 a.m., and opened fire.

He killed his wife Karen Elaine Smith, 53, in front of her 15 students. Two kids, who were standing behind the teacher, suffered gunshot wounds.

8-year-old Jonathan Martinez was airlifted to the Loma Linda Medical Center, where he died a short time later.

A 9-year-old student remains hospitalized and is said to be in stable condition, Burguan said.

Police said that after killing his wife, Anderson reloaded the gun and shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The couple had been married for only three months. Anderson posted photos and videos to social media of their romantic honeymoon during which he called himself blessed and he called his wife an “angle.”

Smith was a mother to four adult children from a previous marriage. She had been friends with Anderson for about four years before she agreed to marry him.

However, according to her family, after the couple returned home from their honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona, Smith saw a different side of Anderson.

She then discovered that he has a criminal history, including a domestic violence charge in which he allegedly threatened an ex -girlfriend with a knife.

Police said that although Anderson was arrested four times, he was never convicted of any of those charges.

Anderson, who was unhappy that his wife wanted a divorce, killed her in what police called a murder-suicide.