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TV news anchor manages to finish report about deadly car accident despite realizing her husband was victim

By Mason White 5:02 PM April 12, 2017
TV news anchor Supreet Kaur
TV news anchor Supreet Kaur
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A television news anchor in India, managed to complete her report about a deadly car crash despite realizing that her husband with the person who died in the wreck.

Supreet Kaur reports breaking news for the IBC24 News broadcast.

On Saturday morning, Kaur began to report the news when she was told about a car accident that killed three people and injured two others in Pithora.

As a reporter on the ground showed photos of a man lying unconscious on the floor, Kaur realized that her husband was one of the victims.

Despite realizing that her world collapsed, Kaur continued on with the broadcast as if nothing happened, putting her journalism above all.

Viewers, who have been watching Kaur for the past 9 years, reported that the news anchor’s demeanor did not change during the entire segment despite learning that her beloved husband was no longer alive.

Editor in chief Ravi Kant Mittal praised Kaur for her bravery by keeping her composure and not breaking down in tears live on air.

After completing the news segment, Kaur went off air and mourned the loss of her husband of 18 months, Harshad Kawade.

Kawade died after his SUV collided with a truck.