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Woman busted with 30 wigs which she used to impersonate people while using their stolen checkbooks

By Mason White 3:12 PM April 13, 2017
Dianne Garrett
Dianne Garrett
By: Mason White

Police in Florida, have arrested a woman who was wanted for using stolen checks and other people’s identifications.

Police said that the woman was seen on surveillance videos making fraudulent bank transactions using property stolen out of vehicles at a DeBary park.

Volusia County Sheriff’s detectives tracked down the woman, 31-year-old Dianne Garrett of Orlando.

Garrett has been positively linked to the break-in of two vehicles that were burglarized at Gemini Springs Park, police said.

She’s believed to be connected to other crimes as well. Garrett is accused of cashing several stolen checks while wearing wigs that matched the hair color of her victims.

She then tried to pass herself off at a bank as the victims by using stolen identification cards.

During the course of the investigation, detectives located numerous pictures of the suspect attempting to make fraudulent transactions at banks across Florida.

In most cases, she appeared to be wearing a wig and attempted to change her appearance.

Detectives obtained an arrest warrant, charging Garrett with three counts of fraudulent use of personal identification information and one count of uttering a forgery.

After executing the search warrant in an Orlando hotel room, officers recovered about 30 wigs of different colors and lengths, 10 stolen high-end purses with wallets and IDs.

They also found more than 20 additional IDs, checkbooks and several bank receipts.

Garrett, who has a prior criminal history related to fraud charges in Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma, is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail, because she violated probation.

Detectives have not determined yet whether Garrett was the one who actually broke into the vehicles.

However, they believe that she was working with others and that the group was responsible for additional crimes in the area.