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Drug dealer caught growing marijuana after asking police to check if thief was inside his home

By Mason White 3:25 PM April 13, 2017
Nathan Stone and Rachael Stillwaggon
Nathan Stone and Rachael Stillwaggon
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A paranoid drug dealer called police as he thought that an intruder was inside his home.

Police in Florida, said that 23-year-old Nathan Stone, asked deputies to check if an intruder was inside his house.

The Lee County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the North Fort Myers home on a report that it appeared to have been burglarized.

Deputies said that Stone was visibly “frightened” when they arrived and asked them to enter the house to make sure that the thief was no longer inside.

As soon as officers entered the home, they discovered cannabis plants in the living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Stone and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Rachael Stillwaggon, lived at the home. Officers also found white pills in the home.

According to the arrest report, When Stone came home, he found that his gun had been stolen. He became frightened as he thought the thief was still in his home.

Both were charged with multiple felonies for possession of the marijuana. Stillwaggon faces additional charges for possessing drugs without a prescription.