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House guest steals former police officer’s uniform and gun and tries to get drugs

By Mason White 3:14 PM April 13, 2017
Johnny Ray Wilson
Johnny Ray Wilson
By: William Martin

A house guest betrayed a homeowner after stealing from him in order to commit crimes.

Police said that 34-year-old Johnny Ray Wilson, stole an old police uniform and a weapon from a retired Florida Sheriff’s deputy in an attempt to get drugs at pharmacies.

According to the arrest report, Wilson went to a Target store in the Florida Panhandle, and asked a pharmacy clerk for the drug Suboxone.

Investigators said that he wore a dark green uniform, and he had a police badge and notebook, which he attempted to use to show his credentials.

The employee refused to give Wilson drugs. Instead, police were called.

Investigators checked the car that Wilson used to come to the store, and they discovered that it belonged to the retired deputy.

The former deputy told police that he allowed Wilson to borrow his car, but he had no idea that Wilson took his firearm and uniform.

Wilson is now facing multiple charges, including impersonation of a law enforcement officer.