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Man punches boss while being told what to do on first day of job

By Mason White 10:05 AM April 14, 2017
Restaurant (illustration)
Restaurant (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man is unemployed and he may have a hard time finding a job in the future after allegedly assaulting his boss on the first day at his job.

Canadian police were called to a fast food restaurant in Barrie, Ontario, on Saturday, to investigate an altercation between a new employee and his manager.

Investigators said that the 20-year-old suspect had started to work at the restaurant on the day of the incident, and he was being trained in by the store manager.

While the suspect was doing his job, the manager came up to him and told him that he was doing things wrong.

When the manager corrected the new employee and showed him the proper way of doing things, the 20-year-old man became irritated and punched his manager in the face, causing him to suffer injuries.

The new employee fled the restaurant before police arrived. The manager was treated for minor injuries.

Police did not name the suspect, but they said that he surrendered the next day. The suspect was charged with assault.