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Truck carrying liquid manure dumps feces on father and teen daughter riding luxury convertible

By Mason White 2:18 PM April 14, 2017
Convertible covered in feces
Convertible covered in feces
By: Mason White

A father and daughter who were having fun riding a luxury convertible, were suddenly covered in feces, according to police in Germany.

Altomunster police said that the incident unfolded on Saturday afternoon, as a farmer was waiting to get his delivery of liquid manure.

As the truck was getting ready to pump the liquid manure on the field, the 53-year-old father and his 14-year-old daughter drove by.

Instead of depositing the manure on the field, the truck driver covered the convertible with the open top, father and daughter with feces.

Police believe that the pipe was not properly secured to the tank, causing the feces to spray in all directions. Police estimated the damage to the car at $5,000.

The father and daughter were not injured, but they were left with a bad smell for days.