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88-year-old Walmart greeter fired for allowing turkey to enter store

By Mason White 12:03 PM April 16, 2017
The turkey
The turkey
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) An elderly couple is angry after the husband lost his job as a Walmart greeter in Wisconsin.

88-year-old Bob Tallinger worked as a greeter at the Walmart store in Waukesha, when the turkey entered the store.

Tallinger did not stop the turkey from walking into the store. A short time later, the turkey walked out of the store without incident.

However, after the incident, Tallinger was fired from his job.

The 88-year-old man said that he loved his job as he got to know many people while he worked there for the past eight years.

Tallinger said that when asked why he was fired, his boss said that he should have helped get that turkey out of the store or he should at least have informed a manager over the unwelcomed visitor.

His wife, Janet Tallinger, said the termination of her husband is unfair.

“He was hired to be a greeter and that’s what he did. He never saw a rule book that said that if a wild turkey came in the store, he better run and get the manager,” she said.

Janet admitted that her as her husband aged he “lost a little memory, but nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented him from being an excellent greeter.”

Walmart’s corporate headquarter issued a statement after people expressed their support for the elderly man.

“We appreciate the public’s concern and take this situation seriously. While we will not comment on HR matters, we can confirm Mr. Tallinger is no longer with the company,” Walmart said.