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78-year-old delivery man sexually assaults sick patients after delivering medication to their homes

By Mason White 6:49 PM April 17, 2017
John Muttitt
John Muttitt
By: Mason White

A delivery man took advantage of sick patients by sexually assaulting them while delivering medication to their homes, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, the pensioner of London, who delivered medication to vulnerable elderly patients, has been convicted following a series of sexual assaults on women over the age of 85.

78-year-old John Muttitt of Walnut Tree Road, was found guilty on Tuesday, on two counts of sexual assault at the Isleworth Crown Court.

The jury heard that Muttitt was a self-employed delivery driver for a pharmacy and would deliver medication to patients at their homes and care homes in the Hounslow and Isleworth area.

He was advised not to enter properties and not to provide any medical advice or comment on any medical queries.

The first incident was reported to the police by the daughter of a woman who raised concerns about an incident of sexual touching.

The victim, who is partially blind and deaf and has mobility issues, had an arrangement with Muttitt to deliver her medication and he was provided with a key code to access the house.

On one occasion, Muttitt entered the victim’s house and inappropriately touched her while pretending to carry out a medical examination, despite having no experience or the relevant qualifications.

Officers questioned personnel at the pharmacy Muttitt worked for, and he was consequently arrested and interviewed.

He admitted to touching the victim when checking her heart, but denied allegations of sexual touching and he was subsequently released due to lack of evidence.

Two further incidents with almost identical circumstances were reported to police at a later time.

Still working for the pharmacy, Muttitt had been delivering medicine to the second victim for a number of months, and would often enter her house and talk for up to 30 minutes.

On two occasions, the victim, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s and has a speech impediment and mobility issues, welcomed Muttitt into her home and he inappropriately touched her, taking advantage of her vulnerability.

The victim reported the incidents after confiding in her carer and officers arrested Muttitt again for sexual touching.

While officers took Muttitt into custody, another victim had disclosed an allegation of sexual touching to the police.

Muttitt’s third victim who suffers from dementia, said she was grabbed and kissed while she stood at her door.

He was charged with four counts of sexual touching.

Officers questioned other women Muttitt delivered medication to, but no further allegations have been made to police.

Muttitt was convicted of two offenses.

PC Ben Lawrence-Smith, from Hounslow Community Safety Unit said: “Muttitt took advantage of the fact that these victims were elderly, vulnerable, and often living alone.

“Due to having mobility issues, the victims used a pharmacy delivery service as a way of obtaining their medication without difficulty, and Muttitt abused his position of trust.

“There may very well be other victims who have yet to come forward. We know that Muttitt was delivering medication to patients in the Hounslow and would urge anyone who has yet to come forward to do so.”