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Man steals woman’s purse on first date

By Mason White 11:59 AM April 16, 2017
David Harlow
David Harlow
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A lousy thief attempted to get money out of a woman by stealing her purse.

Police in Arizona, arrested the Phoenix man for allegedly stealing a woman’s handbag during their first date.

38-year-old David Harlow met the unidentified woman through an online dating site.

Police said that the two talked for several weeks before they decided to meet in person. Harlow arranged to meet the woman at a resort in Phoenix.

During their first date, the woman went to the bathroom and asked Harlow to watch her purse. When she returned to their table, Harlow and her purse had disappeared.

The woman called police, who learned that Harlow took the victim’s credit card to a nearby casino, where he tried to withdraw money from several banks.

Harlow is facing charges that include felony theft and taking the identity of another person.