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Dr. Pepper surprises student with cool soda fountain and 1,200 cans of soda because of a tweet

By Mason White 11:26 AM April 18, 2017
Claire Daniels with the fountain and her free soda
Claire Daniels with the fountain and her free soda
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A woman was overwhelmed with excitement when she received an unexpected gift from the Dr. Pepper soda company.

University Claire Daniels of Kansas, loves to drink Dr. Pepper.

She took to Twitter, where she expressed her desire to have a soda fountain installed in her home. Four months later, her dream came true.

In the tweet, Daniels wrote: “I really just need to have a Dr. Pepper fountain installed in my house. That would probably be cheaper than how much I spend on soda currently.”

Lyndsay Loomer, who is the associate brand manager of Dr. Pepper, said that the tweet inspired their marketing team to come up with a gift for her.

They hired artists to design the life-size fountain. Then engineers created it.

When it was completed, the company surprised Daniels and brought her the fountain.

However, since they needed to water down the soda in order to make it work, one cannot consume the beverage. Therefore, they also gave the college student a supply of 1,200 cans of soda.