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Police searching for missing special needs student find that he was having sex with his teacher

By Mason White 5:58 PM April 19, 2017
Riana Lane
Riana Lane
By: Alexis Bell

A teacher and her special needs student were arrested while they were in a relationship.

Police in California, were called by school officials after the 17-year-old special needs student reportedly disappeared during school hours.

Police questioned the student and he admitted to having sex with his teacher, 23-year-old Riana Lane.

Lane is a special education and English teacher at Benicia High School. Police also discovered that the boy had the key and easy access to the teacher’s car.

Officers searched the vehicle, where they found edible marijuana and stolen goods.

Lane admitted that the marijuana found inside her car belonged to her. Possessing marijuana on a school campus is a crime under California law.

The student was arrested after he said that the stolen items belonged to him, according to Benicia Police.

Lane is facing charges of oral copulation with a minor, statutory rape, possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana on a school campus. Her bail was set at $ 10,000

The student, who was not named, was arrested for petty theft and was released to his parent.