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Mother and daughter die in sauna during freak accident

By Mason White 6:15 PM April 19, 2017
Shattered glass door and broken handle (center)
Shattered glass door and broken handle (center)
By: Tanya Clark

A family lost their mother and sister in a freak accident.

What was meant to be a relaxing and bonding time for the mother and daughter, ended in tragedy when they died together.

The two women of the Jicin, Czech Republic, died on Sunday, after getting trapped in a sauna.

The 65-year-old mother and her 45-year-old daughter went
to a friend’s house to use her sauna.

When they did not come out of the sauna after an hour and a half, the friend went to check on the mother and daughter.

The owner found them lying on the ground. Emergency workers were called to the scene and tried to revive the pair, but they were unsuccessful.

The mother and daughter were pronounced dead on the scene.

Police said that the women became trapped in the sauna when the door handle came off as they were trying to get out.

The women managed to break the inside part of the glass on the door, but were unable to break the outer layer.