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Professor wets himself to save his daughter from humiliation after she accidentally wet her pants in school

By Mason White 5:55 PM April 19, 2017
Ben Sowards
Ben Sowards
By: Emily Lewis

A father is being hailed a hero after he wet his pants to save his daughter from humiliation.

Lucinda Sowards‏ of Utah, uploaded photos of the incident to Twitter, where they went viral with over 63,000 shares and 256,000 likes.

The photos show Ben Sowards, wearing light grey pants with a big water stain on the center.

It appeared as though he urinated on himself, but it was no accident. According to Lucinda, her six-year-old Valerie had an accident at school, and she was upset and crying.

Valerie walked to the office with a sweater wrapped around herself to hide what had happened. School officials called her parents to pick her up so she can change into clean clothes.

The loving father said that when he learned that his daughter was crying over the incident “his heart broke.” He decided to pour water on his pants at his private area.

Lucinda wrote on Twitter: “My little sister had an accident today at kindergarten and this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn’t feel so sad/embarrassed.”

When Ben arrived at the school, he asked his little girl if he can have her backpack so that he can cover up his accident. The girl went from crying to laughing at her father’s antics, the family said.

Lucinda said that she is the oldest of 11 children, many of whom are foster kids and her father always makes sure that they all feel loved.

Ben is a professor at the Southern Utah University.