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100-year-old woman dies after winning free meals for life from McDonald’s

By Mason White 3:40 PM April 20, 2017
Burger and french fries (illustration)
Burger and french fries (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman of Pennsylvania, who won free meals for life from McDonald’s, was unable to enjoy it as she died from old age.

100-year-old Nadine Baum of Hanover, recently celebrated her final birthday at the McDonald’s on Baltimore Street, where she was a lifetime customer.

Employees decorated the store, and gave Baum balloons and cupcakes.

The manager of the store also gave the elderly woman a certificate, which entitled her to free food for the rest of her life.

Sadly, before being able to get a single free meal, Baum’s health took a drastic turn for the worse and she died. Baum was a frequent customer of the McDonald’s, and employees called her a “sweet lady.”