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Grandmother stuffs girl into small bag and abuses her for misbehaving

By Mason White 5:45 PM April 20, 2017
The aunt and girl (left) the grandmother with the bag
The aunt and girl (left) the grandmother with the bag
By: William Martin

Police in China, began a frantic search for two women who abused a young girl and uploaded the video to the Internet.

Lianjiang police tracked down the person who uploaded the video to the Internet, and they detained the two women.

The video showed the grandmother stuffing the young girl, who is approximately 3-years-old, into a bag that is used to catch snakes.

She then closed the bag and kicked it, causing the child to fall to the ground.

The grandmother screamed at the child as she was trapped in the bag and cried. After some time, the girl was freed from the bag, but the torture did not end there.

The aunt then hit the child on the legs with a stick. During the investigation, the grandmother told police that they were trying to break the child’s “undesirable habits.”

The grandmother also revealed that she and her daughter are caring for the girl as her parents went to another city for work.