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Mother gets stabbed after tripping over dog and falling onto knife on drain board

By Mason White 5:32 PM April 20, 2017
Knife (illustration)
Knife (illustration)
By: Mason White

A freak accident caused a mother of the United Kingdom, to get stabbed in the chest.

The mother of three children of Birmingham, collapsed in a pool of blood, but luckily, help arrived on time, and she was rushed to a hospital to be treated and her life was saved.

32-year-old Sarah Lane, who works as a cook, said that she was sterilizing bottles for her two young sons at 2:30 a.m., when she tripped over her two dogs.

As she tripped, she landed on a knife that was upright on a draining board. The knife stabbed Lane in the chest, and she then collapsed on the floor.

When her 12-year-old daughter Freya, heard the commotion, she came to see what happened. The girl called her mother’s boyfriend and he called emergency workers.

Lane was treated and eventually released so she can reunite with her daughter who saved her life, her two sons, Lincoln, 23 months, and eight-month-old Theo, and her two dogs.