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Price for bag of potato chips jumps to $14 due to potato shortage

By Mason White 3:41 PM April 20, 2017
Potato chips bags fly off store shelves
Potato chips bags fly off store shelves
By: Mason White

Consumers who want to get their hands on potato chips, have to spend a huge about of their income due to the potato shortage in Japan.

After supermarkets and grocery stores across the country ran out of potato chips, a vibrant secondary market appeared on a Yahoo auction site.

Those who want to buy the most popular potato chips in the country are forced to pay around $14 for one bag of Calbee pizza flavored chips.

The Calbee chips usually cost around $1.20 per bag, but they are now out of stock.

Potato chips manufacturers halted production as they were unable to find potatoes as the crop from Hokkaido was compromised.

Growers blamed above average storms for ruining the crop.

Calbee, the largest producer of potato chips, is trying to import potatoes from the U.S., in order to resume production.

Those stores that still have potato chips in stock, put in place a one bag per customer limit in order to avoid hoarding and resellers.