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Pastor rapes 30 girls who were members of his church

By Mason White 2:24 PM April 21, 2017
Pastor Tim Omotoso
Pastor Tim Omotoso
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Police have arrested the leader of a church after allegedly sexually assaulting many young girls who were members of his house of prayer, according to police in South Africa.

Durban police said that they have received multiple complaints, alleging that Pastor Tim Omotoso, 58, lured vulnerable girls to his home, where he engaged in sexual activities with them.

After the pastor learned about an active arrest warrant, he disappeared and deactivated his three cell phones.

Yesterday, police learned that the pastor was attempting to flee from the country by boarding a flight at the Port Elizabeth airport.

A large police force stormed the airport and arrested Omotoso.

According to the police investigation, Omotoso was the leader of the General Overseer of Jesus Dominion International church.

His church had many young participants, and the pastor handpicked more than 30 young girls to live with him at his home on the pretext of rescuing them from drug abuse.

While they girls were living in his home, Omotoso had unprotected sex with them. Some of the girls dropped out of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and traveled with the pastor.