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Newborn baby found alive in shallow grave three days after being buried

By Mason White 4:59 PM April 23, 2017
Baby (illustration)
Baby (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A mother was detained by police when her baby was found alive after being buried in a grave in South Africa.

The baby was discovered in the town of Paddock in KwaZulu-Natal, three days after his mother left him to die.

Staff members who worked at a nearby wood factory, told police that they heard a baby crying so they went to investigate.

The sounds came from under a pile of wood chips and sand.

Captain Gerald Mfeka said that the workers removed the dirt and found the newborn baby.

One of the co-workers took a graphic photo, showing the naked baby covered in sand being removed from a grassy area on the ground.

The photo was uploaded the Internet after it was discovered that the child miraculously survived.

While police were investigating the makeshift grave, a 25-year-old woman, who worked at the wood factory, came forward and told police that she was the mother of the baby.

The woman, who has not yet been named, told police that she gave birth and buried her son three days prior to him being found.

She explained that she hid her pregnancy and when she secretly gave birth, she buried the baby because she was afraid of her parents.

She explained that this was her second child. Her older one is 4-years-old, and she knew that her parents would not approve of another baby, police said.

The baby was placed in an intensive care unit at the Port Shepstone Regional Hospital, where he is being treated.