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Cannibal kills 4-year old cousin and eats body parts

By Mason White 4:54 PM April 23, 2017
Kamvelihle Ngala
Kamvelihle Ngala
By: William Martin

A man was arrested for killing and eating his 4-year-old cousin.

Police in South Africa, arrested 30-year-old Mandisi Gwanya, and charged him with murder for killing the boy.

4-year-old Kamvelihle Ngala disappeared while playing with his friends, and his grandmother, 70-year-old Nontuthuzelo Gwanya, went to search for him.

While searching for him, the grandmother went to her sister’s house. The sister told her to check her nephew’s house as he was recently released from prison.

Mandisi had spent seven years in prison for killing another man.
The grandmother went to his home and found a horrific scene. Her grandson was dead and dismembered.

She called police. Her nephew admitted to killing the boy and eating his heart and brain, and drinking his blood.

Mte Saleni, 75, who lives in the village where the boy was brutally murdered, said: “When people are on drugs they are uncontrollable. What people saw in that apartment will haunt them forever.”