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Ferry passengers angry after getting hit with ashes of dead woman during scattering ceremony

By Mason White 3:54 PM April 23, 2017
Scattering ashes (illustration)
Scattering ashes (illustration)
By: William Martin

Ferry passengers in Australia, were shocked when their boat stopped for an ashes scattering ceremony.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, as there was high winds off the coast of Manly.

A spokesperson for Nexus, the company that operates the Shields Ferry, said that the family of a dead woman asked for permission to scatter the ashes as the deceased had a special connection with the area.

However, as the ferry was stopped for the ashes scattering ceremony, the winds picked up, causing the woman’s ashes to blow onto passengers.

Those passengers who got hit with the ashes, were not happy.

Nexus apologized for the incident, and the family of the deceased woman was disturbed by the incident.

The company does not usually allow people to scatter ashes into the sea while riding aboard their boats, but this was a special request and an exception was made.

Sharyn Faulkner explained that her mother, Pauline Andersen, felt a special connection to Manly, as it was the place she went on her first date with her husband Frederick.

Faulkner promised Andersen that she will take her back to Manly, and scatter her ashes off the coast.