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Police officer banned from leaving Taiwan after she managed to pass Los Angeles airport with loaded gun

By Mason White 4:57 PM April 23, 2017
Officer Noell Grant
Officer Noell Grant
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A police officer from the United States, was detained in Taiwan, and is being banned from leaving the country.

The officer from California, was off duty when she boarded a flight at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) while her loaded gun was in her carry-on bag.

42-year-old Noell Grant with her family were traveling to Thailand, for a vacation. She allegedly did not know that her gun was with her.

During the flight, she realized that her personal handgun was inside her carry-on bag. When they arrived for layover at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, she told airport officials that she accidentally left her pistol and six bullets in her bag.

The gun she was carrying was a personal one, not the department issued weapon.

Grant was detained and the gun was confiscated. She was eventually released, but she was banned from leaving the country until the security matter is resolved, according to Santa Monica Lt Saul Rodriguez.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials said in a statement that “standard procedures were not followed” at LAX, and it was human error that allowed Grant to pass through the checkpoint with her firearm.