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Fire breaks out at Samsung factory caused by exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries

By Mason White 1:30 PM April 24, 2017
Exploded Samsung Galaxy phone (illustration)
Exploded Samsung Galaxy phone (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) In a weird turn of events following the Samsung exploding phones debacle, a Samsung factory suffered damage after faulty batteries exploded, causing a fire, according to firefighters in China.

Tianjin firefighters said that on Wednesday, people noticed heavy smoke coming from the Samsung SDI plant.

After Samsung issued a global recall of faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries, some of the product was stored at the plant.

Consumers complained that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries were exploding, causing fires and injuries. The company replaced all the faulty batteries.

However, the company kept some of the faulty batteries at the plant in Tianjin. On Wednesday, several of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploded, casing a fire with heavy smoke.

The fire department sent 110 firefighters and 19 fire trucks to fight the blaze. Luckily, no casualties have been reported. A spokesperson for Samsung said that the damage was minor and the fire won’t cause any disruptions in production.

The plant will provide the batteries for the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.