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Man caught smuggling vials of human semen across border

By Mason White 1:31 PM April 24, 2017
Vials containing liquid (illustration)
Vials containing liquid (illustration)
By: Tanya ClarkTanya Clark

Border patrol officers managed to catch a long time smuggler of human semen, police in Thailand said.

According to the police report, the suspect, 25-year-old Nithinon Srithaniyanan, attempted to cross into Laos, at the border crossing of Nong Khai and Vientiane.

The smuggler acted suspiciously, and he was singled out for an inspection. While he was being searched, border agents found a nitrogen tank with six vials of human semen.

Srithaniyanan confessed that he was a long time smuggler, collecting semen from people in Thailand, and then taking the product to a fertility clinic in Laos.

He also admitted to smuggling human semen in Cambodia, where he handed over vials to a hospital. Srithaniyanan told police that he has made 12 successful trips so far.

The semen came from people in China and Vietnam. The suspect was given a fine $6,000 and let go.