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Stalker places underwear in woman’s home several times with note asking her to wear them

By Mason White 5:30 PM April 24, 2017
Isitro Sanches
Isitro Sanches
By: William Martin

A woman in Florida, was very concerned for her safety after a man repeatedly broke into her home, left her some new underwear while he stole some of her old ones.

After months of investigating, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) arrested 58-year-old Isitro Sanches of Panama City.

Sanches was charged with stalking, three counts of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and one count of burglary of an occupied dwelling.

Four months ago, the woman called the BCSO to file a complaint of stalking.

The victim told police that she kept finding new women’s underwear in her home, on her front porch and in her car.

Handwritten notes were left along with the underwear. The notes were clearly written by someone who knew the victim and he expressed his desire to see the victim wearing the underwear he gave her, according to police.

Police interviewed several people, but they were unable to catch the suspect. However, that all changed recently while the victim was at work and her boyfriend was at her home.

The boyfriend heard someone entering the residence so he quickly went to investigate. He walked into the kitchen and came face to face with Sanches, who is the victim’s neighbor.

Sanches fled from the scene and he ran into a forest. Police were able to locate and arrest him.

Sanches did not answer any questions, but investigators went to his house and they spoke with his family members about his behavior.

The family consented to a search and officers allegedly located items that belonged to the victim. They also found new women’s underwear that were consistent with the size, brand and style that were left for the victim.