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Man kills his lover from Russia weeks after she arrived in the United States because girlfriend was jealous

By Mason White 6:02 PM April 25, 2017
William Chase Hargrove
William Chase Hargrove
By: Alexis Bell

A woman of Russia, who was looking forward to coming to the United States, was killed less than seven weeks after arriving in the country.

27-year-old Anna Repkina of Moscow, was found dead in a wooded area in Benton County, Oregon.

Police learned that Repkina, who recently arrived to the United States, had been in a relationship with 27-year-old William Chase Hargrove, before she was killed.

Hargrove was arrested after he shot Repkina in the head “execution style” after he was forced to choose between her and his longtime girlfriend.

Prosecutors said that Repkina was in an “interesting love-triangle” relationship with Hargrove and another woman.

Both women lived at different locations and Hargrove spent time with both of them.

However, at some point, his longtime girlfriend no longer wanted to be in the situation and gave Hargrove an ultimatum to choose between the two.

Instead of ending his relationship with Repkina, police believe Hargrove drove her to a secluded area and shot her at close range.

Hargrove was arrested and is being held without bail.