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Emirates Airlines cuts flights to U.S. blaming President Donald Trump’s new security measures for declining demand

By Mason White 1:26 PM April 25, 2017
Emirates Airlines (left) President Donald Trump
Emirates Airlines (left) President Donald Trump
By: Tanya Clark

Emirates Airlines announced that it is being forced to cut down on flights to the United States, due to declining demand for their services.

Customers from some African and Muslim majority countries are having a more difficult time getting into the United States in recent months, due to new U.S. policies on immigration and security.

The airline blamed their cuts to services on President Donald Trump’s new travel restrictions.

Passengers flying from certain countries in Africa and the Middle East, are also required to check in electronic devices that are bigger than a cellphone instead of keeping them in their carry-on bags for security reasons, a U.S. official said.

U.S. airlines are not affected by this ban because they are not flying directly from the countries in question to the United States, an aviation official said.

Emirates Airlines said that they will be reducing flights from Dubai to 5 of the twelve U.S. cities that they had served in the past.

Daily flights to Florida, will be cut to five times a week rather than seven. Flights to Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, and Boston, Massachusetts, will now be once a day, instead of twice.

However, flights to Chicago, Illinois, and New York, will remain unaffected.

Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, said that their business was also affected by the new U.S. policies on immigration and security policies.