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Man illegally lives in attic of public toilet and fills 300 bottles with his own urine

By Mason White 3:08 PM April 25, 2017
Attic (illustration)
Attic (illustration)
By: William Martin

A man who illegally moved into the roof of a public toilet, urinated in hundreds of bottles instead of using one of the many urinals of the restroom, according to police in Japan.

The Usuki-Tsukumi Police Station has announced that they have arrested 54-year-old Takashi Yamanouchi, after being found living in the roof of the public restroom located at a park.

Yamanouchi has been charged with one count of trespassing.

According to the police investigation, Yamanouchi became homeless 10 years ago.

For seven years, he lived at various location, and three years ago, he moved into the roof of the public toilet after the previous occupant moved out.

This week, an electrician went into the attic to make repairs and found the suspect living there. The 92 meter room was equipped with an electric heater and a stove.

The space was very clean, but it contained 300 bottles filled with urine.

Yamanouchi failed to explain why he urinated in the bottles instead of using one of the many toilets available to him all the time.

Yamanouchi said that he gained access to the roof by entering through a small maintenance hole. Access to the roof was blocked, police said.

Police checked all the roofs of public toilets throughout the city, but they did not find anyone living at those locations.