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Drunk teacher seen on video flirting and touching police officer before repeatedly telling him ‘I want to kiss you’

By Mason White 5:48 PM April 27, 2017
Saryna Parker
Saryna Parker
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A Florida teacher was arrested for driving drunk with her 10-year-old son in her car.

43-year-old Saryna Parker lost her job as an eighth-grade science teacher at the South Dade Middle School after her arrest.

Police were called after Parker hit another vehicle. When police tried talking to her, they said that Parker slurred her speech and she seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

An officer asked her to do a field sobriety test, but Parker refused. When the officer tried to put her in handcuffs, Parker became angry.

She then offered to do the field test again, and the officer allowed her to do so. She began flirting with the officer.

Parker told the officer “I want to kiss you.”

The officer replied: “no, you do not, you better not.”

She laughed and she touched the officer on the stomach. She the accused the officer of flirting with her and she said: “if you don’t stop looking at me like that then I will kiss you.”

Parker touched the officer again, this time on his back and told him “love you”. The officer replied “you don’t even know me.”

The officer ordered her not to touch him again. She tried to comply with the sobriety test, but she stumbled and failed.

When the officer arrested her and placed her in the vehicle, Parker kicked him in the groin.

Parker faces charges including driving under the influence, child abuse and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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