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Owners of male dog turn it into a female with gender reassignment surgery

By Mason White 5:58 PM April 27, 2017
Cute dog (illustration)
Cute dog (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A dog that felt uncomfortable in its own skin, was taken to a vet who determined that the animal was born with both male and female parts.

The dog of Glasgow, Scotland, was taken to the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital, where a vet performed surgery and removed all its male parts.

The Jack Russell Terrier was renamed as Molly. A spokesperson for the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital said that staff members are very pleased to have helped Molly.

“We are pleased that she is so much more comfortable,” a spokesperson for the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital said on Facebook.

The owners of Molly said that they took it to the vet to find out why it was always very excited.

Vet Ross Allan explained to the owners that the dog had both male and female parts, and advised that in order to treat the discomfort, it would be advisable to remove all the male parts.

During surgery, the vet learned that the dog was fully male inside. All male parts were removed, and the private parts were reshaped to look like a female dog.

Following the surgery, the dog became much more comfortable in its own skin.