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Woman arrested for calling police when her husband refused to get her ice cream

By Mason White 5:45 PM April 27, 2017
Rhonda Blythe-Dunham
Rhonda Blythe-Dunham
By: Mason White

A woman’s cravings for sweets were so strong that she called police to arrest her husband after he refused to go out and buy her ice cream.

Tennessee police arrested 37-year-old Rhonda Blythe-Dunham of Nashville on Sunday, for filing a false report.

Officers were dispatched to the home for a domestic violence call.

When officers arrived, Blythe-Dunham claimed that her husband had punched her in the face.

However, her husband told the police that he never place his hand on his wife.

He said that his wife became furious because she wanted him to go out and buy her ice cream, but he refused because he was too tired from working all day.

After being questioned again, the wife admitted that she was not assaulted, but she wanted police to be there so that her husband would calm down.

Officers told Blythe-Dunham that it was a crime to file a false report and that she was under arrest.

Blythe-Dunham asked officers if she can use the bathroom before going to jail and they agreed with the condition that she does not completely close the door.

Police said that after two minutes, they heard the window being opened followed by a loud thud.

The woman had jumped through the bathroom window and fled the scene.

However, she was later arrested, and she is now facing an additional charge of evading arrest.