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Couple arrested for having sex on Mar-a-Lago beach while President Donald Trump was in town

By Mason White 11:33 AM April 28, 2017
Couple (illustration)
Couple (illustration)
By: Mason White

Officers who patrolled the area in Mar-a-Lago beach while President Donald Trump was in town, spotted a couple having sex.

The man and woman were arrested on Friday, after being caught having sex on the beach near the “White House Winter” Palm Beach, police said.

19-year-old Daniel Dolan of Pennsylvania, and Chloe Exiner, 20, of Illinois, are now facing charges of indecent exposure.

According to the Palm Beach police, US Coast Guard officers were patrolling the area while President Donald Trump was in town and an officer saw the couple having sex.

The arresting officer wrote in the report that the couple was sitting on the beach behind a tree. Dolan was sitting on the ground while Exiner was sitting on his lap, “bouncing up and down in a lewd and sexual manner.”

As the officer approached, Exiner quickly got up from Dolan’s lap and reached for her pants, which were on the ground next to them, while Dolan pulled up the pants that was around his knees, the report stated.

They noted that the pair was surprised by the officers’ presence and they were visibly nervous.

Police said the couple admitted to having sex on the beach, and they told officers that they were not allowed to have sex in their treatment facilities.

Dolan and Exiner were placed under arrest and were issued written notices to appear in court.