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Man calls police requesting police dog after woman stole his heroin and cash

By Mason White 11:06 AM April 28, 2017
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man in Ohio, called police to report that he was robbed, but when officer arrived, he was arrested.

20-year-old Joseph Murphy of Bath Township, called 911, asking for a police dog, saying that a woman stole his heroin.

In the video of the 911 call that was released by police, Murphy was heard telling the police operator: “I need a police dog.”

The operator asked: “You need a police dog? What’s going on there?”

Murphy replied, “She stole heroin from me.”

The operator asked: “what is going on there.”

Murphy explained that he was trying to stop the woman from leaving. When the operator asked him again what was going on, Murphy again explained that the woman stole heroin and $200 from him.

The woman was heard in the background saying, “I’m not going anywhere.”

When officers arrived, Murphy told them that the woman stole money from him.

When they questioned him about the stolen heroin, which he mentioned in the 911 call, Murphy pulled out a small “brown waxy substance” from his pocket, police said.

He was arrested. Police sent the brown substance to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for testing. Murphy will face a felony drug possession charge if the substance tests positive for drugs.